Virtual Events & Exhibitions

Virtual events & exhibitions

Is About Uploading Experience & Engagement

The success of conventional business event is to generate unique personal experience for attendees and VR Universe seeks to extend that physical experience online.

Digital Conference or Digital Expo today no longer just about circulation of information but to recreate unique experience for audiences. By merging circulation of information and creative conference platform planning, we’re to transform the information-led virtual events into Experience-Led Virtual Events & Exhibitions for our clients.      

Creative Virtual Environment & Information Hunts became the key of successful for Virtual Events & Exhibitions. 

Virtual Events

Events & conferences are the most effective method to generate sales & business opportunities locally due to geographical or situational obstacles. 

Fortunately, digital conference platform no longer bound by any geographical or situational obstacles that lead to effective global brand exposure and sales opportunities that you never anticipated. Through green screen technology and live shooting, your conference could take place anywhere and anytime. All your audiences’ ever needed is a cell phone with internet connection to access your event at they convenience.

With VR Universe, your audiences will be engaging virtual events or virtual conference in a VR environment with creative & interactible content. 

Even without VR Gadget… 

Green Screen Tech

Creative staging & hybrid
footage enabled.

Live Broadcast

Live footage & pre-recorded video to
showcase on virtual platform.

Global Access

Connecting global audience &
cost effective.

Virtual Exhibitions

What is the key of successful brand or product introduction? Exhibits!

The urge for exhibits has lasted for centuries. Exhibitions has been the effective approach for new market exploration & localization. With digital technology  adaptation, digital expo are expected more frequent and brand exposure online is tend to be more common today. Getting online presence is not enough!

Virtual exhibitions or digital expo is about brand online experience and Virtual Events & Exhibitions platform by VR Universe is the choice of the day! Content interaction & strategic display will be our core focus in our digital expo platform. Your brand content highlight is now available in a 360 VR environment with well planned space planning that generate rich interactive experience for global audiences.     

VR Universe digital expo platform did not stop at immersive user experience but to unlock new business opportunities for your brand. We exhibits your rich brand contents to in our virtual exhibitions platform to capture various business partnership & sales opportunity. Most importantly, our platform is multilinking possible for all types of ecommerce platform and global audiences can reach out you 24/7. 

And of course, your booth traffics and data will available for post event sales activities.        


Virtual Booth Design

Unleash your brand potential
by custom design booth.

Virtual Content

Strategic content planning that
imprint striking visual memories.

Virtual Planning

Strategic virtual tour planning that
illustrate ultimate engagement.

Mobile Friendly

Easy accessible through any
mobile & tab browser at anytime.

Web Integration

Html friendly for webpage
attachment & embed features.

Live Action

Live interaction that brings
countless opportunities.

Virtually Essentials

The virtual platform and on going contents are the key of attraction but the soul of the virtual events & virtual exhibitions came from the attendees’ Social Activities. In VR Universe digital conference platform, user engagement & interaction are the confidential data for our customers and visitors. Multilevel traffic data tracking is available for both event organizer, exhibitors and visitors.  


Search & connect to people
is part of event exploration.

Multi Synchronization

Synchronize platform to your
system for better analysis.

Data Management

Get to know how attentees
response to your event.

build your event universe now

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